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    Projector on DVD plays upside down video in W7


      I have a x platform project where I play quicktime video on the mac part and .wmv video in the windows part.  The  vids are 1280x720 I'm using D11.5 and I've used media player xtra to display and control them.  I've done this many times before but not recently.  When played back the mac project is fine however the pc projector whilst appearing OK in Win XP or Vista but on Win 7 the videos randomly play upside down.


      I have heard of this problem relating to Quicktime being transcoded directly to wmv and as I was given QT source I coded to uncompressed AVI first - made no difference.  Tried wm7 / 9 / and 9 advanced codecs - no go.  Finally resorted to AVI with h264 codec with played right sides up but on most machines popped up in a separate DivX windows.


      Suffice it to say this all reinforces a long held opinion that Windows is crap at video, but screaming at the screen is not helping me fix the issue.


      I know Director guys are becoming like hens teeth but any help out there??