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    Flash Player 11.4 License Agreement - bad link


      This is my attempt at being helpful. 

      Last week I started to install Flash Player 11.4. I went  to the section to "Read the License agreement",  on the adobe.com website, for "Flash Player 11.x(3.3M)" I was instead taken to a PDF in Arabic. (Yes, I take the time to read License agreements)


      Today I did the same thing, with the same results.  (I did clear my cache yesterday) It has taken me 1 hour to find a way to just let someone know that a  link needs to be fixed.  Within the 1 hour I have taken, I spent 12 mins and 24 seconds trying to explain this exact problem, on the phone, to an agent for Adobe. (@ 1-800-833-6687). Which I was hung up on, without a solution. All I want is to read the EULA in English. The link needs to be fixed.


      My hope is that there is someone out there that will read this and either fix it or know who to contact - without wasting time - to get it fixed.

      BTW, no other website I have visited has been in any other language than English for well over 10 years.

      Thanks for your time.

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          The License Agreement is not a website, but a PDF document (http://www.adobe.com/products/eulas/pdfs/PlatformClients_PC_WWEULA-MULTI-20110809_1357.pdf).


          When I open it, either inside a 32-bit browser, or as the downloaded local document, here is what I see


          It automatically opens on page 87, which is the English page.

          I don't know why it opens on page 1 (Arabic) for you.


          What you can do is Enable Bookmarks, which will give you links to the individual language sections, which you can use to jump to the desired language


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            Thanks Jen10000 (with 11.4 report) and previous others who reported bad links on earlier version EULAs.  I'm reporting that the same problem exists on 11.5.  The problem is probably not in the Flash Player updates themselves, but in the update software.  My problem was not that I was taken to Arabic.  My problem is that clicking on the link to the PDF file brought up the exact same screen I started from, in a new window.


            Furthermore, it is hard to use the screen to report the problem or to read the EULA, when the "click here to read license" message is taking up a third of the screen width or height, and there's no way to minimize it.  You can cancel the installation to get rid of the obstruction, but then that sets you back in completing the installation.


            Adobe has really boxed users into a corner on this mistake, taken together with the mistake of making it difficult for innocent people to get a simple message through to the programming / debug staff!


            /***************************************************************************************** *********************

            Adobe: Your software has a bad bug that would probably be simple to fix.  But it seems that the listening ear which could hear customer feedback has left its post without first obtaining a substitute.

            ****************************************************************************************** ********************/


            I, too, tried calling Adobe's phone number, but had to give up halfway through the long voice menus, for lack of time.  Pushing the "0" button did not connect me to an operator, but set me back to an earlier level within the voicemail.  It bought me negative time.


            One more message, not just for Adobe, but for much of the software industry: Users would read the EULAs more often if they were headed with a list of what has changed since the last EULA.  Adobe's present EULA is 3.3 MB in size.  Do you think users have nothing better to do than scan through such a long list of legaleze every time some software update occurs?


            Should I be grateful for the free flash player?  I am.  But I'm sorry that doesn't mean I shouldn't try to HELP YOU with your problem(s), and mine, Adobe.


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