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    creating Outline from textPath

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      Going follow one of first sentence from "Adobe_intro_to_scripting" which says:

      ...Each scripting item corresponds to a tool or a palette or menu item in an Adobe application...

      I am trying to discover how to reach effect which is obtained from InDesign UI: menu Text:create outline.

      I mean situation when there is some text on path typed (any splineItem as a parent) and is selected as an item (not using text tool).


      In UI: to create outline at this point means to create compound path from entire text and to remove a splineItem.

      In script code: app.selection[0].createOutlines() gives error, cause this method is not available for splineItem.


      One can create outline from text's on path character, word, parentStory, etc, but there are a set of separated characters converted into path and still anchored onto parent splineItem path.

      If the goal is to have a compound path from entire text placed on path (keeping formats and effects) is ID UI only way to reach it?




      Am I missing something?