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    uninstall_flash_player.exe as an MSI ?




      First post over here but i admit i used this forum a few times already ... with success every time ;-)


      I'm sorry in advance if the question was already asked but if so, i was not able to find it.


      Well, i'm REALLY looking for an msi version of uninstall_flash_player.exe that you can download over here :




      Deploying succefully Flash player via GPO.

      I do not have immediat problem with previous version nor update but when i was testing few thing, i found out that if i had version -for example- 11.4.402.265 and tried to deploy 11.4.402.287 with a brand new GPO (so without the previous "replace") the last version just did not install.


      i had to first manually run the uninstaller to make the upgrade "doable".


      my problem is : uninstaller is an .exe

      -i do not really wish to run a batch to make it work.

      -not running anything else than GPO (no PDQ / LUP / ... )

      -got a mix of OS (XP / win7 x32 / Win7 x64) so using a that register the .exe action to make a .msi is not an really interesting solution (should make at least 3 of them ...but if i have to ... ) 


      i tried to extract the uninstaller hoping for an MSI or an AIP ... without sucess (both 7zip and acrobat reader like)


      so is there a way to get this uninstaller as an MSI ?


      ty in advance !