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    Monitor playback issues in PE9

    Eviex Level 1


      I am posting on behalf of a colleague and I wonder if anyone has encountered the following issue or has any advice about resolving it.

      When he starts a new project in PE9 and captures via firewire the capture monitor plays back fine but when switching back to the timeline/preview monitor there is no video playback, it just stays on the first frame of the clip in the timeline.

      Similarly if he opens an existing project the timeline/preview monitor video playback is fine but if the capture window is then opened there is no video playback in that.

      The only way around it is to reboot the PC and then start again with the required monitor.

      In both instances the audio plays back fine.

      The playback seems fine when scrubbing along the timeline.

      This is a recent development, both capture and preview monitors used to function without a problem.

      It's not an Windows or Adobe update issue as the PC is not connected to the internet.

      It's a Dell PC, Win7 64bit, Intel i7 CPU, 16GB RAM, nVidia graphics card, 2TB hard drive.

      Any help or advice would be most appreciated.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          "It's not an Windows or Adobe update issue as the PC is not connected to the internet."


          Actually, that could be part of the issue. You NEED to be connected to the internet and get all of the necessary updates. Even Windows 7 is on SP1 -- and your graphics card driver is probably a year out of date, even if the computer is brand new.


          Other possible issues:

          You don't say, but is this a miniDV camcorder connected by FireWire?


          Are you capturing to your C drive or to a second hard drive?


          You've got a pretty fast processor and it should fly with miniDV video. But without any operating system or Adobe or nVidia updates -- or the requisite latest version of Quicktime -- there's no telling what's going on with your configuration!

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            Eviex Level 1

            Thanks for your response Steve.

            Was hoping to try and resolve the problem without updates first but will do if necessary.

            The PC is about a year old and has been working fine up until the last few weeks.

            It is capturing from miniDV over Firewire and it is capturing to the C drive.