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    Recording narrated poweroint

    GShep Level 1
      I need to record a narrated set of powerpoint slides. I understand how to import the presentation and this is ok but then you would have to record separately each slide's narration and import it - very tedious and the flow is rather choppy. I tried just playing a powerpoint show on the screen and capturing in Captivate as a demonstration, using the right arrow to advance. However, the slides don't all show in the edit window (although the entire sequence does play) and the narration is out of sync with the slide movements when played back. (The slides tend to change out faster than the background narration.) Obviously this isn't the right way to do it. Does anyone have ideas on how best to create a narrated powerpoint? Many Thanks! Gary
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          PJ Turtle
          Hello, GShep -- recording the audio for each slide and importing the file is a bit tedious but makes a perfectly sync-ed presentation. There is no reason why it needs to be "choppy." I record the whole thing, then cut it up with a sound editor. Assuming transitions are accurate the result should be virtually seamless. Some of us have a really hard time doing two things at once (reading a script and mousing / clicking), so this lets you focus on one thing at a time.
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            GShep Level 1
            All valid points - many thanks for the suggestions. Gary