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    go loop not working in a MIAW

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      Trying to open a movie in a windows (MIAW) with this code:


        wndAbout = window().new("about")


      The about.dir movie has some simple stuff, a label on first image and a "go loop" script at image 10 on the script channel.


      The about window opens and display fine, but the problem is that the go loop does not work. The playhead continues. I also tried with a go the frame without success. The script channel is active, I verified with an alert() call.


      If I try the code above in a new movie with only a button, it works.


      Tried to remove everything from the original movie but the script and the button, it still does not work.


      Anyone has an idea of what could be wrong ?





      Windows 7 64b, Director 11.5.

      The problem occurs only with the (stub) projector. In authoring mode, there is no problem.

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          prossel Level 1

          After hours of testing, I found the solution.

          The problem was the buggy text members with hyperlinks in previous 11.5 releases.

          First solution was to remove the text members.

          Then I upgraded all xtras (external to projection) to the latest version (11.5.9r629) and all problems where gone.