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    Non-Printable Buttons printing unless activated.


      I am creating a multi-page interactive pdf that has buttons that I am using to zoom the page to certain sizes; 100%, fit to page, etc.


      One group of buttons occupy the same location on the page and as such, require that some of them be hidden until activated. E.g. the default view is fit to page, the zoom to 100% is visible, after click of 100% button, it dissappears and is replaced by fit to page button. The other is a print button that, of course, serves no purpose on an already-printed page.


      The issue that I am having is that none of these button are supposed to be printable. They do not have the printable option selected, but they still print if they are not activated. If I go to the page, and even hover over any button without clicking, it prints properly.


      As this is a multi-page document with every page having the same buttons (which are on a master page) it is completely feasible that the end user would use the buttons on one page and not on others before printing and seeing them on some pages and not others.


      I've tried pretty much everthing and am starting to tear hair out.


      I've attached photos to show what I'm talking about


      .print_error.jpg  print_correct.jpg