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    CS6 volume licensing nightmare


      I have been working for several months now at getting my high school computer lab to run cs6 properly. Of course our lab runs a proxy that I have no control over and I can't change the firewall settings. Adobe suggested that I use aamee 3.1 offsite at home in order to get it to allow Adobe to use the internet without a proxy . I did this and I applied the updates. (I have no idea what a puffer fish delicacy is to this date).


      I have used the Adobe software removal tool several times and I almost have the lab fully functioning. Now I find I cannot do any updates. I do not wish to do automatic updates, but I do want to be able to do manual updates. I do not want the software to ask or prompt the students if they want to update. I  don't want a whole lab at once using up our bandwidth uncontrolled. Apparently this is not possible?


      I have been on hold all morning (9am to 12:30) going from one person to the next, with my cell eventually dropping the call. Apparently Adobe has the wrong information about my serial number and my user email address or the name it is listed under. I have had the same email since CS1. I don't know how much more time my students can listen to the adobe  "on hold" music playing on my phone. When I have Adobe give me a call back I still get to remain on hold. When I eventually do get a person I find the callback is not for volume licensing and I am again put on hold for another few hours.


      I have tried to email my local rep but I only get a reply when he has his mail box set to say "I am on vacation"...


      I tried chat but I was transferred to another person with more expertise. While I was waiting,  I was busy when they finally replied on the chat, and they disconnected the chat box.


      Now I find that Acrobat XI is out but I cannot update to that because it is not part of the suite yet? Why did I get a suite if it does not get each update as part of the suite?


      How do I get to someone who can actually help me?


      Helppppp...... It is now 1:30 and I am on hold once again.