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    Simple drag&drop with handler doesn't work in Edge?

    AmintaAdobe Level 1

      Hi all!



      I made this very simple example of Drag&Drop in Edge: http://www.terredainventare.it/simpledrag/simpledrag.html using Jquery Ui http://docs.jquery.com/UI/Draggable.



      I try to use the JQueryUi "handle" property that makes you drag an object restricting drag click on only one element but it doesn't work.


      Here's the code I've put in Edge onCompositionReady:


      sym.$("drag").draggable({ handle:"handler" });


      Of course my two Div-elements are called "drag" and "handler". Now the drag works only on the "wrong" element and not on the "handle".....



      Here's the Adobe Edge files: http://www.terredainventare.it/simpledrag/web.zip



      Many thanks in advance for your help!