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    Problem Exporting a book to a .pdf ID CS 6

    White Buffalo 67

      System: Mac OS ML


      I have had a book put together for a few years and I have recently moved the order of some chapters around. It has been so long since I created this thing, I am not for sure how to make pages sync properly.


      Regardless if I print the booklet or export to PDF pages 30 and 31 won't print as spreads….as single page only.


      last pages of first chapter.jpg     1st page of second chapter.jpg


      Not sure if this is a section marker issue or what, but I have no section markers in the current document.

      I did try to put the markers in…but after I synced booklet they were like, not as I put them in.


      I have 4 more chapters that I have the same problem in.


      Please advise..."more like really help me out!