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    Problems authorising Bluefire


      I've recently got a GBook, and downloaded Bluefire to use in conjunction with my univeristies online loaning system (as I was told by the system itself- it provides a link to download the app when you search for a book). I created an Adobe ID as I didn't have one, but it now won't authorise the app.


      It gives me an error saying 'Your Adobe Account has not been authorised on this device. Please check your user name and password and try again'. I've checked several times, my username and password are correct- I've logged in and out of the website on my laptop several times to check, and when I click the 'forgot your user id/password' link on the Bluefire authorisation screen it takes me to a web page where I am successfully logged in.


      Like I said, I'm certain my login details are correct- I've gone through character by character and it works on the website on my laptop, but not on bluefire.