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    CP3: Anyone using two monitors?

    mlandreth Level 1
      My laptop is plugged into a docking station that has two monitors attached. I can open and edit Captivate files, but when I try to record using either monitor, Captivate minimizes and appears in the tray, but never presents a recording window. When I click the Captivate 3 on the task bar, a message appears advising my recording is ending. When I look at the captured file, it's just black, as though it's recording the inactive on-board laptop screen or a phantom, third LCD.

      There's no problem with other tested applications, including recording apps such as Camtasia 5, but of course I need to finish a project in Captivate.

      I've used all hardware before, the only thing that's new is the two-monitor configuration, which I'm disabling for now.