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    Trouble exporting for TV - speed changes when played on the TV


      I created a video in AfterEffects that is going to be played in a store. The TV has a usb slot that I will be playing the video from. I export the video from AfterEffects as a .mov then I have to convert it to an .mp4 with handbrake as that's the only file format the TV will recognize. Now that it's on the TV it's sped up almost 2x. On my computer it's normal speed but only on TV, it gets sped up. Any ideas why this may be?

      The TV is a Panasonic Viera - not sure the model number.

      Unprofessional opinion: it may have something to do with the TV's operating system. But someone else in my department created a video that works just fine on it. FPS are all the same on the files. Just changes speed when the TV's client plays it