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    Link Options: Preserve Local Edits

    babayard-a Level 1

      I have a single INDD document with multiple pages that are various sizes (ads for different publications). I made each of the pages from the first page via Create Alternate Layout. When doing so, I made sure the text boxes were linked. However, no link icon appears in the upper left of the box, and also, when I go to update text in the links panel, it says changes made will be lost. So, I canceled the update and went into Link Options > Preserve Local Edits, but all those are grayed out and I cannot choose to override the edits I made to subsequent pages.


      Using CS6 v8.0 on Mac. I just upgraded from CS4, so the Page element and fluid layouts are all new to me. Thanks for any help.

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          babayard-a Level 1

          Steve, thanks for reply. Unfortunately, the tutorial didn't help at all. I've watched even more indepth videos on Lynda.com, and did everything to create new page via Create Alternate Layout process (not just place and link). When doing that, there is an option in the dialog box to "Link Stories." This is supposed to make text boxes on subsequent pages linked to the original. Additionally, if you change the size, or some of the styling in that subsequent text box, you're supposed to be able to preserve those edits in the Link Options > Preserve Local Edits dialog box. So, I get it theoretically, but as I said in original post, the link icon on the text box doesn't show up in the upper left at all, let alone with an update warning. I'm only seeing an update warning in the Links list, and when I double click the warning to update, I'm told that changes I made to other aspects of that box will be lost. When I try to Preserve the edits through the dialog box, none of those options are available. They are all grayed out.

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            Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            It's been working for me. I'd start by restoring your preferences.


            Here's how:


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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I think I understand better what's happening to you. When I've worked more with the Link and Edit feature (not part of Alternate Layouts), the Link Options seem to be more available.


              But when I created Alternate Layouts on a project I got a similar message as you.


              My layout (first two layouts) looked like this:



              Link Options on the child frame looked like this:




              When I made changes in the parent, I see the alert triangle on the child:




              While I Option/Alt-click to update, I get the dialog:




              But I went ahead and had no problem:




              I'm guessing it's because the alternate layout is generated by a liquid layout rule. At worst, you'd have to resize the frame that the edit is in.

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                Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Still testing. But it doesn't always give a dialog when the pages are created with Alternate Layout. This one doesn't.


                Here's the parent frame:




                Here's the child frame (Link Options grayed out):




                The parent frame has been changed which you can see on the child frame:




                This one gave no dialog box. The child is now changed when I click the link icon to update.




                Bottom line: I don't know why that dialog is coming up. It could be a bug.


                BTW, be sure you update your copy of CS6 to 8.0.1.

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                  babayard-a Level 1

                  Steve, yes. You are now getting the same problem I am. Thank you very much for pursuing this with me. I tried re-creating the same problem from a brand new document and in that one, the link icon is showing up and is indicating the warning when text in the master is updated, but I sitll have the "grayed out" options in the "Preserve Local Edits" as you have seen in your samples. So, a corrupt file might be causing the first problem (link icons not showing up), but there seems to be something else at work causing the Local edits not to be preserved.


                  Actually, it's a little worse that having to resize the box, because we also change the style of the text to better suit the new ad size and that styling all goes away when updating the text. What's interesting is that in the TV tutorial you point out, I see he resized the second text box, and then changes content in the source, and the update happens fine. I am able to replicate this, so if I just change the frame size, there's no problem. But if I re-style text in the second box, I can't keep the local edit.


                  As it turns out, I can preserve local edits if the changes are made with paragraph styles. So, there is the way to do this, and it is not by preserving local edits. I just need to make sure that if I change font size, weight or color (for example) I do it through the style sheet. This is best practice anyway, so I'm calling this solved.


                  Thanks again for going down this path.

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                    Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Yes, using paragraph styles is the way to go. Glad you got it sorted!