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    Which camera?

    _Paz_ Level 1

      I've recorded videos using both a Canon 7D and a JVC Everio camcorder.  I don't always remember which camera I used.


      When viewing photo files in Adobe Bridge, under 'File Properties' I can see not only which camera I used but which lens, aperature, etc.  I cannot find this info for videos under File Properties in Bridge.  Is there a way to see this information in Premiere Elements?





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          _Paz_ Level 1

          Sorry, I should have said "Metadata" (in Bridge) instead of File properties.

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            If you open the Elements Organizer, select the file and then open the Info panel, you'll see all the same metadata.


            How you do that depends on which version of the program you're using.

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              _Paz_ Level 1

              Thanks Steve.  I have Premiere Elements 9 and 10.  I usually open version 10 these days.


              I do not have Photoshop Elements.  I have Photoshop CS5.



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                _Paz_ Level 1

                I'd say this is Canon 7D since the file name and type is similar to the wedding video's name  and at the time I did the wedding video I only had the 7D.  This one should be the JVC Everio.  Different file type and numbering system.  That's good, but I have a new JVC Everio coming and I'd like to be able to differentiate between camcorders without having to specifically name each file according to which camcorder it was shot with.    Did I find what you meant and if so, is there a way to coax the program to show more specific information?  thanks again,  Paz