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    Card Dance acting wierd

    rickmorton Level 1

      I'm using card dance, setting key frames to start out in Z space, then having the cards come together. Typical stuff.

      I'm using photos. All is well.

      I did another comp using a Quicktime movie. Applied the same card dance effect and the cards jump all over the place.

      I've tried placing a photo in this comp and it works fine. Add a quicktime movie - any one - and it goes crazy.

      Am I missing something?



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          BenjaminMarkus Level 4

          Can you upload some screenshots of your setup inlcuding the exact effect settings?  That might help us determine the cause of your problem?

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            rickmorton Level 1

            I can try that. However, it's pretty simple.

            I set a key frame to spread out the cards, then 6 seconds later, set a key frame to bring them together.

            This is the same setting for each comp I'm using.

            As long as there is a still photo, the effect works fine.

            If I put a QT movie in instead, the cards, between the two key frames,

            jump all over the place. Put the photo back in and everything is fine.

            Have tried different movies - same thing.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Well, if it jumps, the movie is used as a gradient input layer somewhere and the behavior would be perfectly normal, given that the pixel values change with every frame then. To be honest, I think you'r simply trying to do it the lazy man's way and have used your clip both as the layer the effect is applied to and then self-referenced it as the gradient, which won't work. You need a separate static gradient map.



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                rickmorton Level 1

                Nope. Not the lazy way. I also tried this with a separate gradient layer and couldn't get anything to happen. The image simply got bigger when I increased to z value, it didn't break apart.

                I also tried this on another Mac, using a different OS and the same thing happened. I need to use this for QT movies.. and I'm stumped. If someone could try this, I'd appreciate hearing about the result.

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                  rickmorton Level 1

                  Maybe I did something wrong using the gradient. I created a layer, addend a ramp and dropped into the comp. Used that as the "gradient layer". As I said, when I then tried to increase the z position, the image simply got bigger... didn't break up. ???