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    editing multicam clips (am I missing something?)


      Recent convert to Premiere from FCP 7 here, working in CS6. I'm liking it mostly but I am having beef with Premiere's multiclip functionality, and I'm wondering if I'm just missing something.


      In FCP, my work flow was I'd sync and multiclip my files, then I'd treat them the same way I would a regular clip (open the multiclip in the viewer, set in and out points, then use the piece I'd selected in the timeline. Once there, I'd play around with the angles) But meanwhile...


      Because Premiere creates a nested "sequence" rather than a "clip," opening a "multicam clip" opens a timeline instead of a clip in the viewer. Which means you can't set in and out points. So you're left having to drag a massive multi-sequence/clip into your main timeline.


      But what if my multi-clip/sequence was rolling for multiple takes and I just want one single take? Is there no way to just select that part before I bring the whole darn sequence into the timeline?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Are you sure you're talking about a multicam situation here?  It sounds more like you just need to merge the video with separately recorded audio, whereas multicam is for multiple camera angles from the same event, usually over longer periods like concerts or sporting events.

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            brarble Level 1

            Hey Jim. I'm definitely talking about multiple cameras here, but for a narrative shot with multiple cameras (vs. an event).


            For my workflow, I need multicams to behave as "clips" with all the functionality of clips (i.e. the ability to view them in the source monitor, set in and out points, etc).


            FCP treated multiclips as clips, so it was perfect. I believe avid does the same. Meanwhile, as far as I can tell, Premiere treats multiclips as sequences which is really annoying if you're working in narrative and only need a few seconds from multiclip1, then want to cut to a few seconds from multiclip 2, and both the multiclips themselves are 10 minutes...


            The workaround I've figured out is opening the multi-clip sequence in the source monitor and treating it as if it's a clip (setting in and out points, then putting it in the timeline etc). But it's still annoying to have to press command everytime I open it. Is there no way to get these multicam sequences to function more like clips and by default open to the source monitor?