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    Cartoonize video effect




      I am using Adobe After Effects and want to create the opening sequence for a film. What I want to do is something similar to this example below:


      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRTymVjdLNQ (Rock and Rolla opening sequence).


      I want to record people walking, a full body shot, then have them pause and cartoonized (while next to them it says 'Starring Joe Bloggs') then the video continuing.


      I don't want to make it very complicated. And I am not sure on what to type into YouTube for a tutorial...I am not too sure on what this effect is called.


      Could someone just please either tell me what I can type or find me a decent tutorial, or even a bad one but just so as long as I know what it is called.


      Thanks for the help to come,



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          BenjaminMarkus Level 4

          This effect was created using static 2D images of the actors that were most likely cut-out in Photoshop and cartoonized before being brought into After Effects.  Then the characters as well as other effects were placed into 3D space with an animated camera to create what's called a 2.5D effect.  Just search After Effects 2.5D on the internet and you'll find tons of tutorials. 


          However, if you want to have a character walking then that becomes more difficult because you may or may not want that character seperated from the background.  In this case you might want to think about shooting or finding some green screen footage of an actor walking or use the After Effects puppet tool to animate a 2D character in After Effects that's already been cartoonized in Photoshop. 


          But, if you'd like to cartoonify the entire image, this Adobe TV tutorial for CS4 by Karl Soule might be helpful or this one by Mark Christiansen.


          Also, there's a very old but still relavent, CS2 Cartoonification tutorial by Aharon Rabinowitz that should point you in the right direction.  Obviously, some of the features and interface has changed since CS2, but you should still be able to figure out the basics even when using CS6.  This particular tutorial is especially in-depth though and attempts to mimic the effect from Richard Linklater's "Waking Life"


          Of course there are cartoon tutorials that have been updated since CS6, such as this one I just pulled up on youtube


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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            As Ben said, the best way is to prep such stuff in Photoshop/ Illustrator and cleanly draw/ cartoonize it there based on reference frames from your video, then assemble the stuff in AE. If you can settle for less perfection, effects like Threshold, Posterize and so on in combination with compressing tthe color ranges using Levels and color effects liek tint plus some Find Edges and Stroke Layer Styles can do a lot. Using the Cartoon effect might also be possible, but it's not particularly controllable and will still require to prep and mangle the footage with other effects...



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              most of the scenes are done in photoshop beside that one shot  that the girl blinks.

              But you can do the whole thing in AE with  one plugin called "Cartonized" I think the plugin is made by "New Blue"

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                kazpar0071 Level 1

                Thanks guys appreicate the help!