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    Encoder settings for WMV9 in After Effects CS6




      I'm wondering if there's any way to get more information about the settings used by the encoder when using WMV9.  The reason why I ask is that I do some work in After Effects CS6 but then want to use Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 to encode a video in WMV9.  However, there's a catch!


      When I encode a video in WMV9 using After Effects the results are great and, when comparing frame by frame with my source video, the results match up pretty much perfectly.  But, when I encode using Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 the WMV9 generated seems to fall behind the source video between keyframes... hence why I'd like to have more insight into how After Effects configures the encoder.  I'm not too familiar with all this which probably doesn't help. 


      In both cases I make sure to encode in 30fps, using the main profile, constant bitrate, but then there's a load of extra options in Expression Encoder not available in After Effects.


      Alternatively, if anyone knows of a way to encode a wmv9 using a command line utility (other than the Expression Encoder SDK) please let me know.