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    How to change the order of Bins in Project Panel Premiere Pro CS5.5?



      I'm slogging my way through teaching myself how to use my Premire Pro software for HD editing after coming from Final Cut Pro in standard definition.  I'm on a good Mac work station and have done pretty well so far but am now back at the start of a completely edited timeline for a large party...... to do a 3 minute title sequence.  It has a single song and it will have 3 or 4 pages of simple title information fade up and down (no animation) over video clips of the decorations and and other choice footage from the party. 


      My problem is I have already created bins for the two separate cameras' assortment of clips.  So the new bin created for "Title Clips" now sits below these two other bins.  I want to open up each camera folder and search for potential clips to be used in the title sequence and drag them into this new bin.  But because the new bin is below both of the camera bins......when I open them up the long dropdown list of all the clips of course covers up my Title Clips bin so I can't drag these clips into it.


      How can I move by Title Clips bin so that it is ABOVE both of the camera clips bins?  I have tried dragging it above them in the order but that doesn't seem to work.



      Please?  And thanks very very much