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    Flex Builder 3 Installation

      I just finished downloading Flex Builder 3 for OS X... After mounting all the disk images, and opening the installer, nothing happened!

      Fix: Copy the installer to your hard drive!
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          Hey Tyler,

          Thanks for the heads up. I don't know why, but your advice worked. It's as if the installer doesn't recognize the application unless you drag it and copy it onto your desktop (hard drive). I downloaded and ran from the installer to no avail. I'm running on Mac OSX Leopard. I don't know if you're issue was on Windows.

          Your advice was a lifesaver. I spent an hour on the phone with tech support (don't get me started) to only have them tell me that they can't solve my problem over the phone and that I had to submit a support case via the support portal. I get to the support portal and the system doesn't recognize my recent purchase, so i can't create a support case. I try looking for a link to create a general support case...find a link...click on it...and it loads a page not found error. Don't get me wrong. I love Adobe products. i don't think they're a money grubbing company. They're just a product company, nothing more. nothing less.

          But, man, did they screw the pooch on this release.