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    Memory leak - Ram not dumping after playback and scrubbing

    elcuad Level 1



      I  have the memory leak even after 6.03 update. You can see the ram filling up as you scrub through the timeline and during playback; after you stop, memory is not dumped. Hmmmmm - Nvidia Drivers? Cineform codec? I tested in Avid Media composer (AMA clips) and there was no memeory leak there.


      It'll reach 12gig of my 16gig (my preference limit), then it;s sluggish and I have to exit out and reopen the project to purge the ram, until it gobbles ram up again from playing an scrubbing video.


      Quadro 2000 (latest Nvidia drivers 306.79)

      No Black Magic or Matrox cards and boxes

      16 gigs ram

      HP xw8400 dual Quad core

      Video drive raid

      Cineform video Clips

      Windows 7 64bit