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    Quality problems when exporting mini DV AVI clips CS6 ...

    joneisele Level 1

      I'm working with some SD footage that was captured from a Sony miniDV consumer camcorder (using VideoStudio).   Files are stored in .avi format; 720x480; 29.97; PAR .9091; Gspot reports codec dvsd, DVC/DV Video.    My PC is newer with an i7 3930, 32GB, GTX 670, WD Caviar Black RAID 0.   


      When I play the original AVI files on my PC they look ok in Windows Media Player.  If I export a clip or two from PP using the AVI format that resultant file plays/looks ok too -  I can't tell a difference from the original although my wife claimed she could see a minor degradation in the result.   However, if I export to any other format the resultant encoding looks absolutely terrible - particularly where there is motion.   I've tried MPEG-2, MPEG-DVD, MPEG I-Frame, and H.264 formats.  I realize there is a quality loss from encoding and these other formats are more compressed, but the results are absolutely horrible.  


      I cannot play an .avi file natively on my PS3, but I did play all the other encodings natively on my PS3 off a flash drive and they look terrible there too. 


      I took the MPEG-DVD encoding and built a DVD with Encore.  Encore correctly did not transcode again.   Then I played the DVD on my PS3 and same situation - terrible.


      I then took an AVI encoding exported from PP and loaded it into Encore to make another DVD, which obviously transcoded in this case.   When I play the DVD on my PS3, it looks ok.


      What is going wrong here?   Did I miss something on the video settings on export for these other formats?  Or are these results expected?