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    (Why doesn't) Extract Frames (work?)


      yup, I'm pretty much a newb with vid-editing.  At this point I don't need a lot of power tools just simple editing.  I think I've got audio fading and "dip to black" working ok -- but now I'd just like to simply remove a few seconds from a clip (so the fade outs don't take 10 seconds)oo


      I believe I've found the right instructions: set a mark in and out and "extract" button in the monitor window -- or ripple delete?? -- Thing is _nothing_ happens on extract.  And the ripple delete is disabled.  Can anyone guide me with what's up?  the lift does nothing too. But the loop button does play the in/out range repeatedly.  Harummph.  You can see my desktop in the attached image. my in/outs are what appeared when I marked them from the monitor/"program" window (upper right pane correct?).  


      The middle bottom pane is called what?


      Another frustrating thingie is in the middle bottom pane, after the end of the clip there is a range/sequence/key frames marked.  I can drag the  endpoints around  -- but can't get rid of them.  You folks have any idea what that "thing" is and how to remove it?


      humble thanks.  Wow the resolution isn't very helpful for detail  but you can see the "ranges" I'm talking about.  sorry bout that.Capture-3.jpg