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    v11 - Export to MP4 with a few clips at the end missed


      I'm new to Premiere Elements and is now finishing my first project. I'm on Mac with Premiere Elements 10 upgraded to 11. i have the following issues/questions;    

      1.     I finished a project whichi is about 45min long. I exported it to MP4. It took a couple of hours and it said finished successfully. However, when i browse the mp4 i found a couple of clips at the end were missed including the ending texts.

      2.     Whenever i open the .prel from Elements 11 the Elements 10 application is also started. i can see the icon on my mac's menu. is that normal since it is an upgrade?

      3.     When i added a clip to the timeline it got split into many clips automatically? Have i choosen an auto function of some sort so it is analysing and split a clip.


      Any information is welcome.