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    adobe, why are you fuzzy?

    yard camel Level 1

      Was using CS3, all display was fine, in ID, PS, you name it.


      Upgraded to 6, and all Adobe products are fuzzy, including PDFs I've received from other people.


      All other software, docs, etc. on the box are perfectly clear -only Adobe products are fuzzy, and all of them as far as I can see.


      I have tried playing with display settings in Acrobat X and ID, thinking maybe those "control" the other Adobe products, the way Word used to control text issues in other MS products.


      Any thoughts?  I can't work with Greek when the diacriticals are too fuzzy to see.


      Have checked that display is set to 100%

      Have experimented with all settings in ID View / Display Performance, no dice.

      Have played with Zoom Level -- all are equally fuzzy.


      Have not made any changes to overall system display - again, all other programs and docs are fine.  Just Adobe that's hard to read.