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    Can Adobe Flex open a persistent connection to a Unix Socket ???

    Dino_Lopez Level 1
      The idea will be to attach a Unix terminal or some script with a Unix Socket. then the flex application can access the local file system something like "Screen" in Unix/Linux or perhaps a MySQL.sock file then with some API flex could generate more than just web services applications can interact with the file system in some kind of shell.

      After see the progress on the Heroku guys check this out...

      Wouldn't be really really cool if a local rails application cant talk to the local machine for IMAP & POP3 then connect to a Flex application via some socket, potentially we could have a web mail reader based on Flex. using some ruby program as API and perhaps some socket as the man in the middle. This can be extended to interactive shell a database manager for MySQL and could include some OS statistics & monitoring.

      Maybe Flex need help from an AIR application in the file system to get that missing API !!!.

      Best Regards Dino.