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    If else statement help?

      I have a movie clip placed on my stage in the main time line named: navBar_aniA which is a navigation bar that can be up or down depending on the user pressing the button. This is controlled by stopping at certain frames and animating from frame labels ("down" and "up") within this movie clip so if the animation is in the down state and they press the button it animates and stops in the up position. Easy right and it works!!!

      However at a certain point of the main time line I want to force the navigation bar to be in the up position and figured an 'if else' statement would work. I know I want to check what frame inside the navBar_aniA the animation is and only pop it up if it isn't already in that state but I don't know how to write one in Actionscript 2? Can anyone help as I haven't written one before!!