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    10/24/2012 Flash Player 11.5 Beta Update

    chris.campbell Adobe Employee

      October 24th, 2012


      Flash Player Beta Channel Update

      Note: We need Mac Plug-in users on the Beta channel.  Mac plug-in usage has not reached the critical mass necessary to detect significant issues in aggregate crash-reporting data.  Please help us out, and recruit your friends on Mac!

      The weekly Flash Player Beta update is now available for direct download and automatic installation via Background Update.

      Note: If you have Flash Player 11.5.500.80 installed, you will need to download and install this update manually.

      The latest version of Flash Player Beta is available here: http://www.adobe.com/go/flashplayerbeta

      Notable Fixes and Enhancements:

      • A collection of SWFs generated from a 3rd-party PDF to SWF converter had embedded images that were no longer rendering - 3349266
      • Audio and Video are now in Sync in Adobe Connect - 3348587
      • Fixed an MSI Installation Failure on Windows Plug-In - Error 2753. The File ’InstallPlugin.exe’ is not marked for installation - 3293566
      • Hardware Acceleration is now working with ATI FirePro 2260 on Win7 - 3314871
      • Multiple concurrency stability improvements - 3343613, 3326245, 3349398, 3345086
      • Certain webcam feeds display only a white rectangle - 3337399
      • Weatherspark.com - Fixed lagging events in Protected Mode on Firefox for Windows - 3325048
      • Fixed Lag and Choppy Rendering on Zynga Poker for Facebook - 3307273
      • Fixed an issue where encrypted Video was stuttering on Windows 8 - 3345097
      • Multiple Stability and Security Improvements


      We encourage you to let us know what you think over on our 11.5 Labs forums


      For the latest information, make sure to follow @FlashPlayerBeta


      Finally, please report any issues found over at bugbase.adobe.com