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    HTMLLoader rotation and scaling issues




      We have developed a multitouch website version in our product.


      This is build upon the htmlloader component of AIR.

      Since it is not possible to use this component directly in the multitouch application we create an instance of the htmlloader on screen (which is not visible) to render the html and we do a bitmap draw to make it available as a mutlitouch element.


      This works quiet well, but we have some issues on which we could use some advice/help.

      Navigating the website

      • For navigation within the website we detect a click in the multitouch element, convert it to the coordinate system of the htmlloader and next use an external application to ‘click’ on this position on screen.
      • This click sometimes does not work correct and misses the url.
      • Is there a more robust way to simulate clicking on a htmlloader and if so, how could we implement this?

      Dispatch ‘enter’event

      • The multi-touch element detects when a user click a textfield and displays an on-screen keyboard to enter text in the textfield.
      • Sometimes these fields are input-fields for e.g. a search query on a website, but the submit/search button is not available. Searching is done on the website whenever the user énters’ the textfield, but we cannot dispatch this enter event.
      • Is it somehow possible to make this feature available?

      Dragging elements in the htmlloader

      • Sometimes a website has elements which should be dragged on screen. (e.g. a timescrubber on a youtube video).
      • Since we do not have the htmlloader on stage we cannot perform the drag operation on the site.
      • Is it possible to make this feature available in the htmlloader?


      As you see there are some usability issues on using the htmlloader as a multi-touch element. Perhaps it would be easier if we could directly place the htmlloader in the multi-touch holder i.s.o. using the draw to bitmap method, but the element does not support this. Could you advice/help/adapt on these issues?