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    10/24/2012 AIR 3.5 Runtime and SDK Beta Update

    chris.campbell Adobe Employee

      October 24th, 2012


      AIR 3.5 (build 520) is now available for download.  The latest version of AIR 3.5 Beta is available here: http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/air3-5.html.


      This build contains the following notable fixes and known issues in this build.


      Fixed issues

      • On Android, screen goes back when changing view from ANE->AIR, recovers if app loses/regains focus (3348855)
      • ADT App packaging with platformsdk switch pointing to iOS 6 SDK completes after giving fatal Error. (3309675)
      • Text fields stop displaying if stage.quality set to "low" - iOS for renderMode=gpu (3345587)
      • Some Stage3D applications does not load on Droid X (2.2.1) (3345131)


      Notable issues

      • [AIR] CameraUI not working on the GalaxyNexus after OS update from ICS to Jelly Beans OS (3347644)
      • Application freezes when disposing the audioQueue for the microphone on iOS6. (3349815
      • When packaging an IPA using platformsdk option to point to the iOS 6 SDK, an exception, “java.io.IOException:PLIST generation failed due to SAX error:org.xml.sax.saxParseException” is thrown (3309675)
      • Stuttering of mouse events with new versions of AIR (3.4, 3.5 Beta) (3338757)


      Known issues:

      • Loading gif files using AsyncBitmap loading may crash on iOS devices (3337888)
      • Using Concurrency on a single core CPU causes crashes (3351048)


      Additionally, we have updated the Beta release notes with more details on how to support your iOS app on iPhone 5 screen size.  Please see iPhone 5 support section in http://labsdownload.adobe.com/pub/labs/flashplatformruntimes/shared/air3-5_flashplayer11-5 _releasenotes.pdf



      You can find instructions for getting started with this release here: AIR 3.5 Labs Page


      We encourage you to let us know what you think over on our AIR 3.5 Labs Forum


      Finally, bugs can be reported at bugbase.adobe.com