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    deploying a simple application

      I maintain a static web site that was built using HTML (Dreamweaver). I have replicated that static site using Flex Builder 2 just to learn the Flex architecture, etc. I am ready to deploy the application. Can I deploy the application files to a regular Linux web server provided by my Web Hosting company? Do I need a special server if the application is not dynamic at this time? What files need to be uploaded to deploy the application? What is the mechanism for uploading Flex application files to the web server? I have a lot of information and tutorials for building the application but scarce resources for deploying them. I appreciate any help on this. Joe K,
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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          In the simplest scenario all you should need to do is upload the SWF compiled from your Flex app to somewhere on the server where your web site is hosted. You probably at least want the default wrapper HTML page FlexBuilder creates for you. If your web site main page is your Flex app, then name the wrapper HTML file index.html and put it where ever the hosting company says it should go.