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    Patch for Macromedia Director 6.0 Upgrade for Windows - DOES ANYBODY STILL HAVE IT?

    RyanA1992 Level 1

      Hello, I am a collector of 1990's multimedia who likes seeking out older, pre-Adobe versions of Director. I have the upgrade version of Director 6.0 for Windows, and it's unfortunately part of an early batch that comes with a corrupted copy of the Projec32.skl stub projector file, rendering 32-bit projectors made with the upgrade version of Director 6 for Windows unusable (only 16-bit projectors will work).


      Macromedia released a patch on their old website to address this issue shortly after the release of Director 6 back in 1997, but I can't find it anywhere on the Internet these days. Does anyone still have this patch, and if so, can you share it with me? (FYI, the filename for the patch is "D6wpatch.exe") Or, alternatively, if any of you still have the full, non-upgrade version of Director 6 for Windows, can you share the Projec32.skl with me? (it can be found in Director's installation directory, normally "C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Director 6")


      Thanks if you can provide any help,


      (EDIT 10/26/2012: addendum about alternative sharing method was added to the above text, since Director 6 and prior versions are getting harder and harder to find on eBay these days)


      UPDATE 11/23/2012: I finally found the solution... after calling Adobe tech support to no avail (they searched, but didn't find it - they said that all the old Macromedia files got lost after they purchased Macromedia a few years back), I managed to solve the problem myself! I manually extracted the projector stub code from a working 32-bit Director 6 projector executable in a hex editor, and saved that code as a separate projec32.skl file. I replaced the corrupted projector stub, and I proceeded to make a 32-bit projector with a small test movie I made. And guess what - it worked! Thanks, everyone, for viewing this post. I hope that helps!