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    Challenge!? Image Mapping

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      Hoy all!


      I want to use an image map to create differnt links to a map (in this case the USA states map), I can create the image map outside of edge but when I get it in edge it's not showing at all





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          joel_pau Level 5



          I don't really understand but i send you a file using map and area tags.

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            could you post this file publicly? My solution for a similar problem (weather warnings or in German Unwetterwarnungen, see www.biowetter-regional.de/apps/v5b/biowetterapp.html) was to use an iframe.


            Thx a lot - tiro.

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              joel_pau Level 5



              Well, i use map and area tags.

              Folder image: UKmap.gif


              $('<img width="225" height="330" src="images/UKmap.gif" usemap="#ukAreas">'+

                       '<map name="ukAreas">'+

                       '<area shape="poly" alt="" title="scotland" coords="34,13,16,64,54,125,78,153,104,143,124,125,129,96,149,37,101,28,129,1,90,0" href="" target="" />'+

                       '<area shape="poly" alt="" title="northern-ireland" coords="50,174,65,156,39,117,13,132,-4,170,26,172" href="images/edge.jpg" target="" />'+

              // and so on...



              file attached

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                I have a simliar problem where I put the states in as symbols that scale up when you hover over them making it look like the state is popping out of the map.  The problem is in areas like Texas where is uses a square box as the element rather than just the graphic.  That square box is rather large and covers other states.  In particular, West Virginia is a huge problem for me.  It's unreachable.

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                  Hi Joel,


                  does this work with animation AND mouseover?


                  So, when I use an imagemap for special mouseovers (in my case it's six triangles) and have already an animation for each triangle, the imagemap "covers" the zone where I can click for the animation.


                  At first, I animated the logo. When I click on it, it plays the animation. So now, I need an mouseover for each triangle but the imagemap "covers" the code Edge Animate generated because imagemap needs an image src in it's code.

                  It's obvious, using the built-in mouseover from Edge Animate can't solve my problem because evey triangle is in fact a rectangle so I can't seperate them


                  Do you have any idea how to solve my problem?


                  Best regards,