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    .cfm pages won't display on CF10 on Windows server 2008

    idesdema Level 1

      I have a new VPS setup that has CF10 running on a Windows 2008 box.  My site is setup in IIS and I can navigate to any root folder in browser.  That's because the root folder(s) recognizes index.cfm as a default page.  However, any time I click a link or manually enter a URL string that contains ".cfm" (even on index.cfm pages that display without the actual full path written out) it throws a 404 error.  Has anyone else run into this?  I know the site is running correctly because like I said, if you enter the following URL: http://www.kyndoutdoors.com/ it will display correctly.  However, if you enter http://www.kyndoutdoors.com/index.cfm it will error.  HELP!

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          Carl Von Stetten Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The wildcard handler handles urls without filenames (http://www.kyndoutdoors.com/), and that appears to be working.  However, the specific IIS handler mappings for "*.cfm" does not appear to be.  You might try using the ColdFusion Web Server Configuration Tool (WSConfig) to remove the IIS connectors (then restart IIS), and then re-add the connectors.


          Another thought: were your IIS sites added to IIS after ColdFusion was installed and configured for IIS?  If so, the connectors appear to not be propogating forward for new sites.  I've seen this behavior before with ColdFusion 9 and IIS 7.5, but CF10 seems to handle this better.  Again, removing and re-adding the connectors seems to resolve these situations for me.



          Hmmm. 404 errror actually makes me think this may be a file permissions issue.  What account is the ColdFusion service running as?  Make sure that account has permissions to the folder containing your website(s).


          -Carl V.


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