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    Premiere Elements 9 Stops Working


      Running Windows 7 in a very fast, more-than-adequate machine. When trying to create a New Video Project I get a Windows splash telling me that the program (Premiere 9) has stopped working and Windows is shutting it down. I've tried starting a video project from the welcome screen, in which case it sits and thinks - progress bar rotating - but then simply stops without starting up the program. I've tried starting a video project from within Organizer - file>new>new video project - this is when the program fails to respond and Windows shuts it down.


      Any ideas? Thanks!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          There are many things, that can cause PrE to crash, or to hang. This article might be useful, in that it starts with a checklist on getting PrE set up to run best, then goes into some tips on tuning up one's OS and system, and ends with a lot of useful troubleshooting tips, with links to many articles, some of which provide tools, to help the troubleshooting process, working up in "degree of difficulty." http://forums.adobe.com/thread/792580?tstart=0


          Please read over that article, and report anything that you find, in the troubleshooting process.


          Good luck,



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            HerbMorrison Level 1

            thank you for the speedy reply, but I had already found your forum article and many others. I've performed all of the suggestions to no avail. I was not, however, able to find the BadDrivers.txt file. Is it possible I do not have that file? Or should I keep looking? It seemsthe suggested path to this file does not match my machine.




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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              The BadDrivers.TXT file is a bit of a conundrum. As I understand it, that file is written, when PrE encounters an issue with a video driver, that is, in some way, "bad." It could be corrupted, or perhaps rendered obsolete, possibly by an OS update. I think that it comes about, with the error message along the lines of "Premiere has encountered a problem with the installed video driver... " or similar syntax. If one has never encountered that error, then I believe that it's possible that there is no BadDrivers.TXT file written on the system.


              As the video driver is mentioned in many articles on PrE, I would assume that you have gone to your card's/chip's mfgr's. Web site, and updated your video driver to the very latest one - do not trust the OS, or any utility to tell you if you have the latest, but go to the mfgr's. Web site to check. If you have updated the driver, before a problem with it has been detected, then you might not have that file. Now, a bad, or obsolete video driver CAN cause Premiere to hang, or crash, as so very much in Premiere depends on an interface with the video driver - more so than most other programs. Probably the only other programs, that rely so heavily on the video driver would be 3D, or CAD (usually relying on special video drivers) programs. Word processors, spreadsheet databases, browsers, etc., can all run perfectly with but minor interfacing with the video driver. If the system displays at all, those programs show no problems, but then a program like Premiere (and newer versions of Photoshop) can have major issues.


              Along the lines of a video driver, what is the make and model of your card/chip? What is the version number and date of the installed driver? Is that the latest one? Do you have perhaps a dual-video system, where you have maybe an Intel chip, then an nVidia, or ATI/AMD chip, requiring a separate video driver for each?


              As you have read the articles, and the contained links, I assume that you have already investigated things such as available, defragmented free-space on your HDD's. Is that correct?


              After PrE has failed on you, did you find any warning, or error messags (in either System, or Applications) in Event Viewer, about that time? If so, what were those warning, or error messages?


              Another thought - between the time that PrE did work properly, and now, have you installed any hardware, or software, or have you added any fonts? Have you added any CODEC "packs?"


              Have you ever had a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) with the OS?


              Just trying to think of common causes for what you describe.


              Good luck, and wish that I had something concrete to offer.



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                JMJarrige Level 2

                I am not sure your problem is linked to the 'incompatibility driver issue', which requires sometimes to delete this

                Baddrivers.txt file. Normally, what is explained by Bill's documents is for me the basics for cleaning the situation.

                But one never knows.

                To see this file, you must have access to the hiden files. When opening windows explorer you have to select this option,

                then you will see the folder : program data, in which you will be able to find the adobe tree, then see this file.

                I had to do this when switching from my Vista to Win 7, and the file is really here.

                Bonne chance.


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                  HerbMorrison Level 1

                  Here's the event log.


                  Log Name:      Application

                  Source:        Windows Error Reporting

                  Date:          10/25/2012 12:28:41 PM

                  Event ID:      1001

                  Task Category: None

                  Level:         Information

                  Keywords:      Classic

                  User:          N/A

                  Computer:      Herbs-Dell


                  Fault bucket 2237837987, type 1

                  Event Name: APPCRASH


                  http://oca.microsoft.com/resredir.aspx?SID=16230&iBucketTable=1&iBucket=-2057129309&Bucket Hash=cf2e3054453b12fffe9d158195ecbb3b

                  Cab Id: 0

                  Problem signature:

                  P1: Adobe Premiere Elements.exe


                  P3: 4d01cdbb

                  P4: ffdshow.ax


                  P6: 433d33ad

                  P7: c0000005

                  P8: 00138adc



                  Attached files:


                  These files may be available here:


                  Premiere E_325055f5e9997f454b5ff1ec17ea2c315cf87bd3_08199b55

                  Analysis symbol:

                  Rechecking for solution: 0

                  Report Id: 04c7fed9-1ec1-11e2-ba06-88532ea264ca

                  Report Status: 0

                  Event Xml:



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                    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    >Running Windows 7


                    Another thing to try which MAY help is to right click the program icon, and tell Win7 to run version 9 in WinXP compatibility mode

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                      HerbMorrison Level 1

                      Thanks JM. I did locate and delete the file. Unfortunately, my issue is not resolved.

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                        HerbMorrison Level 1

                        Thanks John, but I don't seem to have this option.

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                          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          Right click the Premiere Elements program icon


                          Click Properties from the pop-up window


                          Select Compatibility from the next window


                          1st option "bar" is where you select a compatibiliy mode

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                            HerbMorrison Level 1

                            I used Microsoft's response link from within the event log above to lead me in the right direction. Premiere is not compatible with CODECs from ffdshow. I deleted the ffdshow folder located within a Matroska CODEC Pack. Premire 9 now runs perfectly.


                            Many thanks to all for your help.



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                              the_wine_snob Level 9



                              Great news!


                              FFDShow has been known to cause some issues with Adobe programs, though not always. One trusted contributor here, Neale, found that FFDShow fixed some issues that he was having, with zero ill-effects. It seems that it's one of those cases of "sometimes the magic works, and sometimes it doesn't... "


                              Thank you for reporting your success.


                              Good luck,



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                                ffdshow contains a blacklist function and Premiere is on it by default. This means that ffdshow should never get used by Premiere, unless a very old version of ffdshow is used, or if the default blacklist settings were changed.

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                                  Thanks John. This worked for me. I was having a problem after a recent update.