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    How to make paragraph rules obey text wrap

    jocstone_me Level 1

      Hi all,

      This is my problem,

      I have several textframes with paragraph rules inside, I need the rules to follow the textwrap, not only on the left or right side, but on all sides.

      I have tried all wrap options but none will do what I want.

      Creating a white stroke around the graphics is no option, because there are images under all this, they must remain visible.

      The graphics using textwrap is also never the same size and shape

      what i get.PNG

      This is what I want, I have made this with multiple textframes over each other and wrap options set to Largest area.

      This is very time-consuming because sometimes I need to put up to 4 textframes with different sizes in order to achieve my goal.


      So, is there a way to do this while using just one textframe?

      what i want.PNG