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    Problem with AIR Flash CS3 Italian version

      I have installed the Adobe AIR update for Flash CS3 italian mac version but in the welcome screen I don't see the Flash File (Adobe AIR) preset.I know about the fix that consists in deleting the folder HD:/Users/<username>/Libraries/Application Support/Adobe/Flash CS3/<language>/Configuration/StartPage and I did it, but the problem remains. Now what should I do?
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          san_flash Level 2
          Hi Alessandro,

          Please try rerunning the Adobe AIR Update for Flash CS3 to see if the problem can be solved.

          If after running the updater again and it still doesn't work, the workaround is to create a Flash 9 (ActionScript 3.0) fla. Then selecting Commands > AIR - Application and Installer Settings and Flash will ask if you want convert the publish settings to Adobe AIR, click yes.