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    Forms-need re-editable PDF and download


      We are looking to create re-editable forms for our students to update each semester (PDF printable style) but would also love to have results downloaded to a spreadsheet. We have Lifecycle and Adobe Pro X and can get Adobe Pro XI. I'm not terribly technical and have questions.

      1. Can we do the above with Prof X as well as XI?

      2. Can a form be both PDF style and still be embedded or share in email/on the web with the results also downloadable?

      3. Must we view downloadable results on Adobe's website? Can we upload or copy and paste the result to an external spreadsheet (ex: Excel)?

      2. We already have the forms in Lifecycle. If we don't want redo  our forms, is there a way to "program" Lifecycle so that the results download. We heard the Lifecycle forms can be revisited and edited by the user. I hope this is correct.


      We are eager for your reply, and thank you