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    IE8 and HTML5

    SteveNixonCW Level 1

      I just updated an eLearning lesson from CP5 to CP6 and output it to HTML 5. Aside from a few minor adjustments it worked perfectly. I can't tell you how impressed I was.


      My manager ran the lesson in her default browser which IE8 and it isn't supporting HTML 5. Unfortunately we support that version for our products and it's a show-stopper for any HTML 5 delivery. I read a few articles where people seem to be 'coding around' the incompatibilty by adding scripts to the HTML. Has anyone had any success with this? Any suggested solutions that anyone is aware of? Are there any settings in the output that can get around this?


      Best, Steve

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          SteveNixonCW Level 1

          I just ran my HTML 5 output on Safari, IE8, Chrome and Firefox. Neither Firefox or IE8 will play the output so I won't be using the HTML5 format.


          You can close this thread is you like.


          Best, Steve

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            Anjaneai Srivastava Adobe Employee

            Hi Steve,


            Just to confirm, HTML5 is not supported on IE8, the compatible version is IE9 or higher.


            When you play the HTML5 content from Captivate on IE8 (or any incompatible web browser) it itself prompts that it would work on following web browsers--


            Internet Explorer 9 or later

            Safari 5.1 or later

            Google Chrome 17 or later