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    Table formatting


      Being new to using InDesign, I am thinking that my issue is due to operator error.  I am trying to get a table to behave so that when I Export to EPUB, the formating looks like I have when I am working in InDesign CS6.


      I have the table inserted and selected Exactly in the Cell Properties.  When I Export to EPUB, the Cell Width is not maintained as I want it to be.


      Here is the view of the table in InDesign:




      Here is the view when Exported:




      Is there something that I am not doing?  Any help would be appreciated.

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          Cell widths are are transferred into epubs. If you need to adjust them, you'll have to do so in the epub file.

          Remember that an epub is simply a HTML view and could be viewed at wildly different screen sizes. Fixed column widths would not work so well.


          Message was edited by: [Jongware] Aargh -- can't edit my post on an iPad. I meant to say "are NOT transferred to epubs".

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            rjfoster03 Level 1

            Well, that at least explains why ithe table was not looking the same.....  thanks for the response- I will try to come up with a format that presents a little different.