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    Tagged text unexpected results


      I'm having trouble with InDesign 6 tagged text. Here is the tagged text file I'm importing into a series of linked boxes on an InDesign Page.



      <pstyle:title>Access to Health







      When I import this, the lines with the extended character set fail (µ and Ä). There is no error message.


      If I strip out those two characters the file imports correctly.


      I've tried changing the encoding to UNICODE-MAC and ANSI-MAC but neither of those choices worked.


      What should I do to get this to work. I need the special charactes because they are part of a barcode.


      Oh, one more thing. If I have this open in a text editor and copy and paste the data (minus the paragraph style indicators), it works fine. It's just the import that fails.


      Thanks in advance.



      (frustrated in Chicago)

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          Specifying ASCII and then using extended characters is sure to fail! Unicode ought to work, but in that case you should make sure you actually save your text file as Unicode text. (In Textwrangler, this is done as simple as clicking on the status bar at the bottom and selecting "Unicode", then re-save the file.)

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            dennishenley Level 1

            In reply to my own question, here's what I've discovered.


            Saving a TextWrangler file as Unicode failed. In fact, InDesign imported the file as straight text so I even saw the tags.


            What finally worked for me as this.


            I left the encoding at <ASCII-MAC> and, using TextWranger, I saved it in (Western (Mac OS Roman)) encoding. Now the file imports correctly.


            Thanks, Jongware, for pointing me in the right direction.