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    multiple frames/images..

    mobly Level 3

      Dont suppose there is an automatic way to import multiple images to the time line so that they play in sequence (like you can do in flash)



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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Depends how you want to do it. If each image is replaced by another, then you could load them in sequence. You need to have an image to start and choose img instead of div.



          Most of the time, I load images when I need them.


          for example on a click event you could have

          index = 0;



               sym.$("image").attr("src","images/image" + index+ ".jpg");


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            mobly Level 3

            thanks resdesign, trouble is I have no knowledge on javascript at the moment.

            I have 36 images that i want to play sequentially. I appreviate the timeline is just that time based rather than frame based as in Flash.

            I'm thinking it's not possible without a decent level of code knowledge!

            Thanks though!