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    Error window while opening web gallery


      I've created a few galleries with (Adobe Bridge and) FIreworks and the same error message appears whcn I click on the galleries in my web site.



      I keep getting this error message:


      Adobe flash has stopped a potentially unsafe operation. 

      The folllowing local applications on your comptuer or network:


      is trying to communicate with this internet-enabled location:


      To let this application communicate with the internet, click Settings. you must restart the application after changing your settings.

      A little more detail:
      <----(Where gallery swf is the application trying to open in the browser and deep.html is the html where this particular gallery resides.)I write this to explain further--->

      Then when I click on Settings, the error window disappears and nothing is changed so it happens again and again.
      Each time I click on the Settings button, the window just disapppears and nothing is accomplished.
      I get this everytime I try to open any of my 10 galleries.


      Please help - this is my last assignment. I graduate frm college next week and this is due Friday, Oct 26!
      Thanks in advance!

      If you want to email me, you can - Dugy01@msn.com - thanks a lot!