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    Multiple Contribute Admin Accounts


      I am trying to use Contribute to edit a Template file made in Dreamweaver for an HTML email. I know its not the best way of doing things, but all the office need to do is change the text, so its working just fine except for CSS. I have found that some email clients (like gmail or yahoo) do not support CSS formated text in the email. I have also found that the only way to change what Contribute uses (CSS or not) is with an Admin account. I have an Admin account for the main site, but I do not want to disable CSS for the main site. I only want to disable CSS for a sub folder where I will store the HTML files. Right now I have a sub folder, linked to an FTP user name and only allows them to upload to that sub folder. That's where I am now.

      So, all I need to know is how to create an Admin account for only a sub folder. That way, I can use Contribute go into the Admin Panel and disable CSS, but only for the sub folder. Thanks for any help!