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    RTMP Stream Not Found Error

    The Almighty Egg Level 1

      I am having difficulty with some RTMP streams and my OSMF implementation. I am attempting to play a series of RTMP streams, but for some reason, I cannot play them with OSMF (Stream not found). They play fine in JWPlayer, but I am unable to get them to play in Strobe or my OSMF Player. However, my OSMF player does play other streams. I cannot figure out what the difference is. Here is what I have:


      Demo streams:



      Problem stream:



      OSMF and Strobe players CAN play the demo streams.

      OSMF and Strobe players CANNOT play the problem stream.

      JWPlayer CAN play the problem stream and the demo streams.


      I have tried setting the URLIncludeFMSApplicationInstance flag, I have tried removing the extension, and generally fiddling with the URL itself. I can change the protocol of the problem stream to 'http', and I get a progressive download which works in all players. Can anyone point me in a useful direction?