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    In Adobe Acrobat X, can you save a PDF to a temp file and forward the email back out?

    jesse S. Level 1

      I'm running windows 7 Professional x64

      Adobe Acrobat X Professional

      Microsoft Office 2010 professional




      While  using Adobe Acrobat 9 with Office 2007, I have a user that was previously able to receive a PDF in Outlook, sign it, save it to the temp files, then forward the original email to a different user with my signature and changes saved within the PDF.  Now that I have upgraded to Acrobat X and Office 2010, that capability is no longer available, but I can complete the aforementioned process when using Microsoft Excel.


      Is there a way to do this with Adobe X and Office 2010, or was that capability removed with the upgrade to one of the 2 software packages? 



      The error that I get when signing a document is:



      This file is set to read-only.

      Try again with a different file name