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    VMware vSphere Plugin Help: No sidebar display

    PKMikeMc Level 1

      Hey folks,

      I'm using RoboHelp 8 to create a help system for a vSphere plugin. The generated webhelp (stored on my local system) displays fine in Firefox, and our installer includes the help with the software as the VMware API indicates (that is, we get a <product> Help item in the vSphere client Help menu). When you click the Help menu item in the VMware client, however, the TOC/Index/Search navigation pane doesn't load, replaced by this message: "The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable."


      QA says the browser is looking for a file named whd_nvp10.htm. In the HTML source for index.htm, I find this:


      var strDefaultTopic = "about:blank";

      var nWebhelpNavPaneMode = 1;               //1: DHTML 2:PureHTML 3:Noframeset
      var strPaneDHTML  = "whd_nvp10.htm";          //whd_nvp10.htm  if tab enabled, whnframe.htm if tab disabled.
      var strPaneList   = "whgdata/whnvp30.htm";


      Because the help displays right on the local system, I suspect we need to install/configure something differently when loading on the server. Anyone here know what's happening?


      For the record, I'm generating WebHelp 5.50. The current version of the help uses "Traditional Style - No Skin," adds Mark of the Web, and the Navigation Pane Preferred Format is DHTML > Pure HTML. Everything else in the WebHelp Options is default. I want to add a skin from the RH Gallery once this issue is resolved.


      Thanks for any advice.

      Mike McCallister