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    Help!  InDesign file to HTML for email

    indesigna Level 1

      Yes, I know, I do everything with InDesign and have successfully for years.  When I had to design an email blast, I designed it in InDesign, and sent it to a company to convert it to html for me, and then they sent it out with our list as a blast. 


      My new company, does everything internally, and wants me to do a email blast, and they're real cheap on sending anything to a vendor for help.  I don't work at all in DreamWeaver, and know nothing about html. 


      Is there any 'easy' way to take a document in Indesign and get it into html, or something suitable for an email blast?????  Or save it in such a way, it can be brought into Constant Contact?????  Arghhhhhhh......